About me

About Zoe

at the OliveWhen I was twenty I was given a natural healing ability. For many years I was very shy about it and would just do quiet spontaneous healing on people and be totally tickled when they told me the results. I am still surprised at what happens. Nowadays I am not quite so shy.

My first paranormal experience, that I can clearly remember, came when I was eight years old.  It was a near-death drowning experience and I was going towards  a row of  lights with a larger light in the middle.  Then some-one fished me out of the water.

I feel that there is an all-encompassing presence networking throughout all of Creation.  Co-incidences constantly delight and re-assure me.  It seems to me that Life is constantly giving us support and guidance.  Unfortunately, I have not always been trusting enough to follow the signs.  But, fortunately, one grows and our possibilities are rather amazing.

I am Norwegian-born, but grew up in Australia. I have three wonderful children.

My main hobbies are dancing, walking, playing the piano and exploring.