Healing is an ability which I feel that we all possess in varying degrees. Touching some-one in pain is instinctive and healing. Healers simply channel universal healing energy, which is very responsive to love and thought. Love is the ultimate healer, it bridges the empty gaps and helps energy to flow again through blockages and helps us to a greater feeling of self-worth, which opens us to even more love and joy.

Summer sunflower backgroundA wise physician once said,
“The best medicine for humans is Love.”
Some-one asked,
“What if that doesn’t work?”
He smiled and answered,
“Increase the dose.”

“When I received healing from Zoe Unni, I felt a pure light energy flowing during the healing, as though an angel was standing over me. The energy unblocked grief that I had been holding onto for most of my life. After it was released I felt calm, peaceful, light and free. JE”

My thirteen year old son had chest and breathing pains.  I took him to the hospital, but they coudn’t find anything wrong with .him..  I took him to Zoe and she gave him healing to his chest and a little massage for an hour.  He was much more comfortable after that and the pain continued to dissipate until it was gone.”  A.P.

Some years ago, I realized that Zoe is a truly gifted healer. I was very tired and she proceeded to rub, prod and tweak my toes and feet for about twenty minutes. My tensions faded. But what astounded me was that the crick in my neck, which I had from a childhood injury disappeared as well, never to return.” J.M.