I am Zoe

I am happy you came here:

I was surprised to be given the gift of healing when I was twenty.  I have studied different therapies to provide different pathways to give the healing.

Aromatherapy massage


Ayurvedic Head

Face massage

Access Consciousness Bars

Zoe Unni Thomas

Touching strengthens connections, communicates and heals.  For long term well-being, touch is as important as food and security.  Touch is very important to human beings, without it babies just die. The healer Ted Fricker wrote that humans  “charge” each other up by touching each other.  Less than one second of safe interpersonal touch can influence health and behaviour in remarkable ways.


An Aromatherapy Massage Course, a fun girlish thing to do. So I thought … The Essential oils are powerful – for the welbeing of both men and women who often open up to receive the healing.within minutes.


Life-changing events, illness, and injuries can be traumatic and require a healing that can often help to set a person free to enjoy life again.  This can happen at any time from pre-birth to elderly.  If you fit into this age range and this feels right for you I would be happy to arrange a healing session.

I work as a channel for healing energy. Healing is not my decision. What happens and the outcome is determined by the healing and not me. When the healing has finished my hands are pushed away and the energy ends.

The therapies I decided to study were chosen to enhance the release of the constraints that trauma can put on a persons wellbeing:


“feel good” hormones -when we feel the best, we attract the best into our lives

releasing toxins – improves supply of oxygen and nutrients for greater clarity and energy

resulting in

improved quality of sleep

increased clarity and alertness

increased self-esteem

increased intimacy

as we are more open ourselves, we naturally invite more openness from others, so it is  easier to reach out.   Our own shining presence helps others to sparkle open as well.