At age twenty years old I was gifted the Healing ability.  I learned Aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Head and Face massage and Access Consciousness Bars as vehicles for healing and that works rather well.

When I enrolled for an Aromatherapy Massage Course, I thought that it would be just a fun girlish thing to do.  I was very surprised to learn just how powerful Essential Oils are.  They can change how a person feels within minutes.  As well as hearing clients enthuse about results, I have experienced the essential oils healing both emotionally and physically myself.

Touching strengthens connections, communicates and heals.  For long term well-being, touch is as important as food and security.  Touch is very important to human beings, without it babies just die. The healer Ted Fricker wrote that humans  “charge” each other up by touching each other.  Less than one second of safe interpersonal touch can influence health and behaviour in remarkable ways.

I have been a qualified of therapist for over 15 years.   I work with adults and children of all ages and with many different conditions: from back problems, sciatica and sports injuries to neurological conditions and menopausal problems.

The benefits of the therapies that I do are:

1)   Release of Endorphins –  the natural “feel good” hormone.  When we feel the best, we attract the best into our lives.

2)   Greater energy and mental and emotional clarity, when toxins are released from the blood and lymphatic systems, circulation improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to both body and brain.

3)   Improved quality of sleep, a natural result of endorphins being released and toxins being released from the body.

4)   Increased self-esteem.  When the stresses and toxins are released,  more of our natural, beautiful and wonderful radiance shines through.

5)   Increased intimacy, as we are more open ourselves, we naturally invite more openness from others, so it is  easier to reach out.   Our own shining presence helps others to sparkle open as well.