Access Consciousness – Bars


Lie on the couch fully clothed face-up and receive while the therapists stimulates the energy bars to begin to open up different areas of your life.

There are thirty-two bars of energy which run around and through the head relating to various aspects of life.  The electro-magnetic energy stores of all the thoughts, ideas, conclusions, judgements and considerations that one may have regarding anything and everything.

The bars are related to all aspects of life……money, creativity, sex, communication, awareness and everything else you can think of.

The therapy is about gently accessing the areas of energy enabling any constraints to be released and getting the energy to flow in various areas of a ones life giving yourself permission to go beyond set limitations.


You Tube

A Neuroscientist, named Dr Jeffrey Fannin did brain scans before and after a Bars Session., with remarkable results.  He says, “This doesn’t happen in my world of measuring brains.”

There is a youtube of his findings: Review of Access Bars by Neuroscientst Dr Fannin


“My first impressions were a greater feeling of peace and relaxation. Then I got caught in a traffic jam and instead of feeling agitated and wanting to bite the steering wheel, I put on a jazz CD and peacefully sat it out.”

A.G. Cowden

 “After receiving my first bars session, my whole experience of life has been lighter and easier, as if everything has just clicked into place. I have been experiencing many miracles, like suddenly being debt free. In short, I am experiencing more of the sweetness and goodness of life.”

“I’ve just had another Bars miracle! I spent the last four hours without wearing my glasses! I rode my bike down to the village and back without any problems. Then I realized that I didn’t have my contacts in and I couldn’t see very well again!”  

I.B.  Forest Row

“A week after my bars session I am feeling happy, euphoric, I have better breathing and my relationships have improved.  Your healing has worked wonders for me and I want to share it with those I love.”

J.S. London

One mother wrote after two sessions:

“With myself it has been a bit like having a computer rebooted or making space on your hard drive.  Making space for new things to unfold as well as space to deal with issues I have left dormant for very long.  I have a lot of energy but also need to realise when I need to make time for myself to rest.  I have a long way to go butI have made major progress in a short time….”

The day after a session one lady wrote:

“Today I am quite upbeat and not irritated by a large and boisterous group close to me. Once I may have been.  I feel quite peaceful.  These things are subtle.”


“Thank you so much for my Bars Session.  I could feel the current between your hands and it was such a blissful sensation.  I had a feeling in my throat, like a tightening, from the time before I had the session and as the session progressed it lifted and has not returned since.  I have noticed things in my life gently shifting, which I feel is a result of my session with you.  Thank you so much.”  


“I feel peaceful and calm.  All the anger and frustration I was feeling has been transmuted. I did not expect that.   It’s wonderful.  Thank you.”


“Inflowing of Love, safe, weightless at times…. as if my body was weightless, felt tingles, warm, but sometimes uncomfortable feelings and wanting to move away from my body in a way, but all the time there was a nurturing energy filling me up. I felt triggered at points as if I did not deserve what was going on… this whole unlovable belief and my critical mind kicking in saying, “What’s this crap…” I can see my Dad saying that. At the end of it, my mind didn’t have anything to hold onto. It was like blissed out wonder as to what had happened.”