Reflexology is a holistic therapy. It is a great way of lifting stress and as treatments continue over time, thestate of relaxation becomes deeper and more established. By promoting a state of physical state of relaxation,  Reflexology switches a person from sympathetic to parasympathetic control of the body.  Simply by doing the preliminary foot massage the 72,000 nerve endings on the soles of the feet are soothed and have a corresponding effect on the rest of the body.

With Reflexology a freer flow of blood and lymph to the cells is stimulated.  This circulatory effect may not seem like much, but it is crucial to health.  Good circulation is of utmost importance in nourishing the cells and eliminating waste.  The body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself is thereby released.

Decongestion allows the free flow of energy around the body and when the channels are free, less energy is actually needed to supply nutrients throughout the body and clear the waste. With a cleaner body and brain one can do physical and mental work much more quickly and that is a time-saver, which immediately reduces stress. With a clearer mind and more space on life, one can see through one’s own foibles and those of others and that saves so much time and energy.

Treatments vary from a relaxing one-off treatment to a course of six treatments, which gives more far-reaching benefit.

Although most people remark that they feel relaxed after a reflexology treatment, it can go the other way. One person remarked, “I feel energized from the feet up!” Reflexology stimulates the endocrine system and the organs.

Reflexology can alleviate:-

  • Tension
  • Ear, nose and throat problems
  • Neck, shoulders and back pains
  • Digestive disorders
  • Respiratory problem
  • Urinary troubles
  • Reproductive problems
  • General lethargy

Not only physical waste can be stuck in the body, emotional pain can lodge there as well. So by freeing up a person’s body, stuck emotional energy is freed as well. The purpose is to create more harmony and well-being.

The more free a person is, the more space there is for new ideas, people, things and possibilities.  Reflexology can be done on the hands as well. Just by doing a simple hand massage one is affecting similar areas to those on the feet.

For exampmassaqge 027le, one night I was sharing a taxi back to my village with a girl who was a complete stranger. She had worked a long hard day. So I asked if I could give her hand massage and she simply gave me her hand.  One hand done, she immediately gave me the other.  Her tensions and upset melted away.  She confessed that she had decided to relinquish her plan for vengeance on her sister when she arrived home.

Once upon a flight the lady next to me and by the window said that she was squeamish about planes landing. As she was also a musician I busied myself massaging her hands and fingers very thoroughly. She was cooing about how relaxed and supple her hands were when the plane landed.  She had not noticed that we were about to land at all.