Theta Healing

Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing is actually a prayer technique.  It can be used to create changes in any area of life.

For me it has been a most rewarding technique to use.  The changes Theta Healing makes can be immediate and profound.  By changing one’s known and unknown considerations, one can change one’s life.  We are magnetic, we constantly radiate and attract various circumstances to ourselves.

After the consultation, the therapist goes into a specific state where Theta Brain Waves are activated and asks for the healing to occur.  “Whenever two or more of you ask in my name it is given.”  Our natural state is to live with joy and whatever we desire to be, do or have is available to us.

iStock_000020667296_SmallWe are Godlings, but we are not alone. As friend told me recently, “There are too many co-incidences for them to be co-incidences.”   We just need to be awake enough to be aware of miracles and amazing things that happen around us.  One day recently I awoke late for a treatment.  While I was on the phone asking  the receptionist if I should still go for the appointment, a friend rang the doorbell, gave me a hug and took me to my appointment.  My therapist was absolutely great.  After my treatment I was dashing about getting ready to go and see a client when he sent a message not to hurry as he was running late.  After giving the treatment I was well fed and well paid. I drove home in amazement at the whole day.  During the evening I had an idea which would create more harmony in my life and the following day my relationships were sweeter.  What magic!  I definitely did not orchestrate all of that!